The most common and frequently reported concern patients have after starting a new acne treatment is an effect called 'Purging'.

As new layers of improved skin cells move up from the bottom (where they are made) to the surface, old acne & inflamed skin layers are pushed out, making your skin look more irritated before it actually improves. 

Purging is temporary, lasting a couple of days but no more than a couple weeks and should gradually improve during this time. 

The first step to reducing "purging" is to apply your treatment every other day for the first few days to a week until your skin gets accustomed to the medicine.

If your skin continues to look red and irritated, without signs of improving, we can adjust the dose or change the actives in your formulation. This is a huge advantage DERMACARE™ has over the traditional ways acne is treated. Traditional Rx Skincare are only available in a few strengths, which means if the lowest dose is too irritating, the doctor would prescribe a totally different medication.  This often starts the purging process again! 

To limit the purging (and improve the efficacy of our treatments) our medical team always recommends:

  1.  Avoid using any kind of "scrub"' while using prescription creams.
  2.  Use a mild cleanser and your hands to gently wash your face then pat dry with a soft towel.
  3. Wait for your skin to be completely dry before putting on the cream. (Members often miss that step which ends up causing more irritation). 
  4. Protect your skin from the sun by covering it or using an acne-free SPF 30+ and moisturize as needed. 
  5. Reduce the number of skincare products you use in your routine (less is more). 
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